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Volumizer contains several natural aphrodisiacs and sex tonics which have been used in the herbal formulations for several years in Asia and also around the world due to their unique ability to support potency, normal sexual desire, performance and also increasing the volume of the sperms during ejaculation.

Your orgasms will not only be driven towards the point of ecstasy but your erections, stamina and the overall sexual health will also be enhanced. An Intense orgasm and a volumous explosion is a great experience which is satisfying for both partners – more so for the man.


What does it do?
Volumizer contains a number of natural aphrodisiacs and sex tonics which have been used in herbal formulations for centuries in Asia and around the world, for their ability to improve libido, potency, and performance. This fine blend of botanicals is formulated specifically to intensify your orgasm pleasure, give you rock hard erections every time and increase your volume of ejaculate. Because Volumizer is a herbal dietary supplement, you do not require a prescription or any embarrassing doctors visits.

The usual dose is 2 pills daily. However you may take upto 4 pills, if you feel 2 pills isn’t enough (never exceed 4 pills within 24hrs). You should take the pills everyday, and will start to notice results after the first week.

Will Volumizer help my impotence?
Indeed! The powerful herbal extracts in this formula not only increase your volume of ejaculate, but also improve your whole sexual performance, allowing you hard and satisfying erections every time.

I suffer premature ejaculation will this help?
Yes, your stamina and whole sexual performance will be greatly improved, sexual dysfunctions like impotence, low libido and premature ejaculation will become a thing of the past.

What will i notice when taking Volumizer?
You will experience optimized sperm volume and improved flavour, longer and more intensified orgasms, increased sexual desire, more satisfying erections, powerful ejaculations, and more stamina.

Should I be worried about side effects?
Generally you will not have any side effects if taken as directed, and you don’t exceed the maximum recommended dose. However, on the rare occasion some men may experience sleeplessness, nausea or blurred vision. If you experience any adverse effects stop taking immediately. As with all herbal medications, it is advised that anyone with medical conditions including but not limited to anyone on prescription medications, or with a history of cancer, heart disease, stroke, migraine headaches, renal failure, liver failure, severe allergies, or other conditions, should consult their physician before use.

What do the capsules contain?
The sophisticated formulation of blended herbal powders and extracts:

  • Maca extract
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Arginine
  • Xian Mao extract
  • Dodder Seed extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris extract
  • Tongkat Ali extract
  • Saw Palmetto extract
  • Zinc
  • Piperine

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